Why Choose Us

Your business becomes a valuable member of our thriving B2B business community, helping each other to become more effective and profitable.

Each member will benefit from utilizing the WHS procurement tool and view real time inventory availability in the distribution channel.

WHS – Who Has Stock – A Powerful Pricing & Procurement Web-Tool Designed for Everyone

  • Manufacturers – Ability to advertise and get your products in front IT resellers looking for your brandr
  • Distributors – List your stock and reach your target audience that are searching for your products
  • Resellers - To find the price, buy and sell IT products & increase the efficiency of your order process
  • End Users – Finding products is easier and compare the same product from different suppliers

WHS - Key Features & Benefits

Real-Time Inventory Search
  • The WHS Procurement tool is a valuable resource for decision makers and business owners having the ability to search for product & delivery in real-time
Price Check & Stock Availability by Country
  • Ability to see where your products are in the distribution channel in both Canada and the USA
Business Optimization
  • Generate new accounts and start optimizing your returns by getting your products found in categorized search results by resellers looking to buy your products
Dynamic Web Stores
  • Get your products in front of customers that are searching for items that you sell and increase online orders through your web store
Advertise With Us
  • Advertise with us to target buyers that are actively seeking your products

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, reseller or end user you will benefit greatly from our WHS price and procurement web tool.

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